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F A Q's

What happens if Im not done at the end of the time Ive reserved?

You are required to have cleaned up and be out of the Kitchen at the end of your reserved time.  If you are not your deposit is forfeit.  It is important that you plan your time accordingly.

Do I have to clean up?

Yes. While we don't expect you to wash the walls and clean the floor mats, you should leave the kitchen the way you'd like it to look when you come in. That basically means: wash your dishes, wipe down dirty surfaces, and pick up/sweep/wipe anything off the floors.

How do I get my deposit refund?

Your deposit will be returned when you notify us that you will no longer be renting the kitchen.

How do I get in when its my turn?

The Kitchen is equipped with a lock that requires a code to open the door.  A reminder email will be sent to you 2 days prior to your reserved time.  This email will include your access code and other information such as the location of switches for lights, heat, air conditioning, clean up checklist and where to dispose of trash.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must notify us directly at (916) 447-9023 if you need to cancel your reservation.  Any cancellation within two days of your reservation is subject to a $50 cancellation fee. There are no exceptions to this rule including personal situations or your clients cancellation of the function.

How do I know if Im confirmed?

We will process your reservation request within 48 hours or less.  Confirmations are done on a first come, first serve basis which may result in your requested time being unavailable.  You will be sent an email confirmation indicating the date and hours your have requested.  You will be sent an email confirmation indicating the date and hours your have requested and your booking will be reflected on the calendar.


If reservation is cancelled before 7 days of rental date, you will get a full refund, anything after the 7 day period is subject to the non-refundable 30% reservation fee.

What if I dont use all the hours?

Hours cannot be credited which is why it is extremely important that you estimated as accurately as possible.


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