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Lulu's Commercial Kitchen
provides certified kitchen space for Sacramento businesses and organizations which need to produce food for commercial events.

Our Facility is rented by the hour and is perfect for caterers, bakers, culinary professionals, and others who want space to practice the art of creating food.

In addition, our facility is also utilized for classes in cooking preparation and commercial production. Test recipes for your new retail food business or restaurant, teach cooking classes or make products to sell at local festivals and food venues. Our newest addition is a private dining room that can hold up to 49 people.


To provide a certified commercial kitchen that gives culinary entrepreneurs and food lovers an affordable venue to create, launch or enjoy their fare without the investment in a costly kitchen.

We want to be the partner that helps culinary ideas become reality.  The partner that helps mitigate the massive costs associated with commercial cooking. The partner that helps bring new and exciting culinary products to the  Sacramento market.

Our kitchen can be utilized by restaurateurs, who need extra space for special events, food truck operators or caterers  that are required prepare the food in a licensed commercial venue, entrepreneurs that are bringing new produces to market, chefs that want to teach or serve private parties, and groups that want to cook together for special events and gatherings. Possibilities are endless, all that's needed is passion for food, and the desire to create.

Lulu's Kitchen
701 16th Street, Suite 130, Sacramento, CA 95814
Kitchen Email: Phone: (916) 447-9023 Find us on Google Maps