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Our Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have questions, or are interested in reserving one of our kitchen. When emailing to reserve one of our kitchens please provide your:

> Name

> Phone

> Type of business: catering, retail, wholesale...

> Contact Email

>Reservation date request

>Reservation time request

>Reservation duration request (3 to 24 hours)

If you have questions, or additional needs, please let us know how we can be of help. We will get back to you as soon as possible, in most cases within 24 hours. If you do not hear back from us within a couple of days please contact us by phone to ensure that we did in fact get your email.

Thank You.

Lulu's Kitchen

Lulu's Kitchen
701 16th Street, Suite 130, Sacramento, CA 95814
Kitchen Email: Phone: (916) 447-9023 Find us on Google Maps